The .mdEmail® Advantage
.mdEmail™, designed for medical providers and healthcare professionals, makes emailing safer and easier than ever before with SendAnywhere technology SendAnywhere is an optional feature that maximizes online security and privacy for both the sender and the recipient. A two-step authentication process and multiple delivery methods ensure that only the intended recipient can read your email message.
The choice is yours. When communicating with non-.mdEmail™ users (those outside of the .mdEmail™ network), users have the option to send a standard email or maximize the level of security with the SecureSend feature.

Using SecureSend, messages are secure from the moment you hit send until the recipient authenticates and opens the email. Always choosing to send emails using SecureSend will ensure your message is entirely protected, every time.
All .mdEmail™ messages sent to .mdEmail™ subscribers (within the .mdEmail™ network) are automatically secure.

Peace of Mind
The .mdEmail™ two-step security process ensures secure emails are received by the intended recipient only. Recipients are required to authenticate before a SecureSend email can be decrypted, so you know only the intended user has access to the message.

Guaranteed delivery
Secure .mdEmail™ allows all recipients to receive and decrypt messages regardless of their technical capabilities. Multiple delivery methods are used to ensure the message is delivered, whether it’s going to a corporate email client (using an application similar to Outlook), a personal Web-based application such as Hotmail, or a handheld device.

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