About .mdEmail®
Secure Storage
100 megabytes per account.
POP3 synchronizes .mdEmail™ with Outlook.
All .mdEmail™ sent within the .mdEmail™ system is secure.
Email and attachments can be sent securely outside the .mdEmail™ network using our SendAnywhere technology.
With the SendAnywhere feature, users can choose between encrypted and non-encrypted email formats.
HIPAA & Security
SendAnywhere feature and receipt controls. Emails are encrypted and users authenticated to maximize message protection.

Upgrade to include audit feature--facilitates traceable file sharing and sending

Superior anti-virus and anti-spam protection.
Email Management
Activity reporting and confirmation receipts.
Calendar and contact management features
.mdEmail™ is a full featured email service provided with the registration of a .mdEmail domain name.
One free .mdEmail™ account is included with every .md domain name purchase,
additional accounts and storage are available for purchase, visit www.max.md.

No hidden fees or additional charges for sending unlimited secure emails to any email recipient.
MaxMD is the official provider of .md domain names and related services in the United States and over 90 countries worldwide. For more information about MaxMD or the .mdEmail™ service, visit www.max.md.